Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Two Weeks....

Wow, life sure is different....but it is awesome.  Drew continues to be wonderful.  He is a great sleeper and goes for stretches spanning 3-5 hours between feedings.  He usually does the 5 hour stretches at night and usually 3-4 during the day.  That is FINE by me as I appreciate the uninterrupted sleep at night at such a young age.  This week, we've consistently gone to bed around 11pm and Drew wakes up around 3:30. I'm back asleep by 4:15 or so and we sleep until 7-7:30....sometimes a little later.  It's an adjustment and I won't say it's easy, but I never thought any of this would be "easy".  People have told me how lucky I am and although I do consider myself lucky, I also realize that it is my responsibility to put him on a good, healthy schedule and that does take work and commitment.  So it isn't "easy" but it does work for us.  Drew has put on weight since his first appointment and weighed in at 8lb 2oz at his 2 week appointment.  The doctor was happy with all of his growing and says whatever I'm doing is great.  His two weeks home have been fine....I probably mentioned the first night was horrible, but since then, it has gotten increasingly better.  Or we are just getting used to our new schedule.  We have had a lot of visitors in and out and Drew has been out and about a few times.  Our first lunch outing was Casa Villa with Bop, July, Jen, Curry and the girls.  So fitting that the first place we take him is probably the restaurant I've eaten at the most since living here.  I also took Drew to Poo's for lunch, the gym for practice one night and yesterday, we went to Beach Break for the Level 8-10 session.  He sleeps most of the time when we are out and about so it's relatively easy right now.  Everyone at the gym loved looking at him but only a few have held him.  The doctor said he was welcome to go out and be in public at such a young age, but she wasn't too keen on him being passed around from person to person (and thus, germ to germ).  So, a lot of people haven't gotten their hands on him, but they will in time, I'm sure.

I enjoyed being back in the gym a couple times this week but don't plan on coming back right away.  I am really enjoying getting to know my boy and need a little more time to adjust, hang with him and figure out this new chapter as best I can.  I will be in and out of the gym and get a little fill of coaching while I'm being a full time mom, but I can't jump right back into 5-6 days a week right now.

Speaking of coaching, at Beach Break last night, I did coach a little bit and it felt was nice to get to hug the girls as they finished their routines....whether they were good or not so good, it felt good to be there for them.

At any rate, here are pictures from his first two weeks at home:
Snuggling with Sassy

First pediatrician appointment

Jenna & Cleve with Drew

Tonya came over to meet Drew

Kenan, Leisha & Lyss snuck out of practice to see Drew

Grabbing Papa's thumb

Kelly & Whitney came over for dinner and to meet the little man

Brent & Mary with Drew

First outing at Casa Villa

Lunch at Poo's and Edyie finally meets Drew!

EB & Drew

Rachel & Lyss with Drew

Snuggling with Papa

Meeting Uncle Jimmy

Drew & Aunt Kerri

First Bath

Heading to our first meet....Beach Break

Hence, the flowered shirt

Mary & Mendi got their hands on Drew at Beach Break

Ben & Susan got to play with an awake Drew!


Emily G. said...

Drew is a cutie and you look AMAZING!!!! :)

Score said...

so cute! Hopefully I can meet him this summer. We're planning to come up there in June or July.