Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sleepy Baby

We had a special little thing happen to us (other than the obvious special thing that is Drew).  David, Drew and I ventured out to my favorite baby store (The Kangaroo Pouch in Myrtle Beach) to get something and the ladies at TKP met Drew.  The owner, Chris, who was SO helpful through the pregnancy and will continue to be a great voice of reason and reality through this stage, called me a couple hours after leaving her store.  She said she has a photographer friend in Market Commons who was looking for a newborn (less than 2 weeks old) for a photo shoot the next day.  WHAT??  I was so nervous and needed details and even after I got them, was unsure if Drew would be good for it. I mean, he was/is a good sleeper, but the thought of him having to do it worried me.  At any rate, I contacted the photographer (Lindsey Mills) and she informed me that this was "The Sleepy Baby" Newborn Photography workshop that she gave up her studio for.  She wasn't leading it, but two ladies (one from Dallas, TX and one from Tulsa, OK) were leading the workshop.  Ten to twelve ladies flew in to Myrtle for this workshop and paid good money to learn from these two great photographers.  When we got there at 10am, I fed Drew for 20 minutes, then handed him off to the ladies.  He did GREAT.  David and I stayed there but didn't really get involved in what was going on.  Every once in a while we'd peek over at him to see what he was doing but for four hours, these women took pictures of him while the leaders set him up using props, knit hats and blankets.  David and I walked to grab a quick lunch and came back where I had to feed him one more time so he'd stay sleepy for one last shoot.  It ended up being a long day, but SO worth it.....I mean, look at some of the photos that came from it!!!  Ultimately, we will get a disk of 5-10 of the best photos from the workshop.  I am so excited to see what all the ladies got!  

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Score said...

That's awesome! Did you pick up some baby photography tips? The only time I tried this we had trouble keeping the baby asleep, but still got some great shots.