Saturday, October 4, 2008

The holy terrors....weeks 4 & 5

Somehow when puppies get to about 4 weeks of age, they become really exhausting! I now understand why Sally (pup's mom) is so happy when we put her in her pen in the backyard. She gets a 7-8 hour break! With that, all the chores, pee and poop cleaning, feeding and playing is up to david and me. It is TRULY awesome watching them grow but its harder and harder to get good pictures of them because they want to BITE and CHEW on everything INCLUDING my camera. SO, bear with some of these pictures....they are still precious and seem to be growing daily. Hank is my fatty and eats everytime I put the food out. Reba is a little weird but is wired like a race car. Watson is eating well and playing more and more. We had a little set back weaning them off of mom when Reba would vomit continuously after attemtping to eat her puppy mush. One of the last times she did throw up, a large chuck of (I'm guessing) cottage cheese came up. I mixed cottage cheese in with their food once and haven't done it since b/c she didn't take well to it. Since then, she hasn't had any trouble keeping her food down. But she did give us a scare, especially when I looked up the symptoms online and saw EVERYTHING that COULD be wrong with my dog. But her vet reassured me that it PROBABLY wasn't anything serious and to just ease her back into puppy food. She's enjoying it now. We've been keeping Sally separate from the pups for the entire day and letting her back in at night. The puppies love to nurse when she gets back in and the poor mom probably gets no sleep at night. We took them out to the farm last week and it was so fun watching them play in the grass, play with jackson, explore and figure out life outside our house. I plan on taking them back tomorrow since this weather is amazing. Anyways, the other accomplishments of the dogs are as follows:
1. Can climb through BOTH dog doors and now get outside on their own. Not wonderful.
2. Are paper-potty trained or atleast go on the concrete in the garage if I let them out. Wonderful.
3. Can run and jump and its hilarious.
4. Bark and howl loudly when they see something they can't get to or have.
5. LOVE Jackson.
6. Love David and me more.
7. Actually listen when they want to....they may not know or understand it yet, but they do respond.
8. Falling down the porch stairs makes them dizzy and we try to avoid it.
9. Some of the girls from the gym came over to see them and Hank was definitely the favorite. That fatty.
10. Did I mention that they can go through both dog doors? Yeah.
And now for some pictures.....

Reba & Hank peeking out the dog door....this was shortly BEFORE they learned how to get out.
Reba hanging out with Jackson at the farm
Becca and the three hounds
Reba & Hank climbing on my leg and looking mighty guilty (& cute)
Reba learning the difference between a hole in the door (dog door) and glass...see her reflection?
Watson having a puppy moment in the corner
Reba pretending as though she's sweet
Watson sticking his tongue out for the picture
Hank, Reba and Watson starting to relax after a good playtime.

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