Saturday, October 18, 2008

Puppies Week 7....Might be Hank's last week!

This week was a good week for the puppies. They seem to enjoy their puppy palace and have learned where to sleep, eat, play and do their business. They do have a habit of ripping the puppy pads apart and throwing them all over their palace. BUT, they aren't using the bathroom everywhere so that is wonderful! They all have learned how to go downstairs, upstairs, under the fence (Big no-no), run away from me when its time to back to their room, get excited for their food and they LOVE water with the biggest passion.

David and I went to Wilmington this week to take Sally back to her home (David's dad's house). While we were up there, we drove out towards Burgaw to visit Genteel Plantation. This place is 850 acres of BEAUTIFULLY kept land that is used for corporate hunts, outings, fishing, etc. Ricky (manager of this land) lives out there in a cabin and the property has an awesome dog kennel, bird (quail) house, fish house, boat house, skeet range, hunting land, plantation house, etc. Its immaculate! Ricky is the guy who gets Hank.....he's the owner of the sire (who Sally was bred with). This daddy dog's name is Sid and he's a beautiful setter.

Sid...Puppies Daddy

Ricky has about 10 dogs out there and they are all so good. Funny thing is, he currently has Sally's mom and Sally's brother and will soon get Sally's pup. He is running out of room, so will be giving David two of his older, good hunting dogs to keep out at our farm. They will be good to have because they can help David learn the best ways to train Watson & Reba. Anyways, this plantation has an old plantation house on it and its beautiful. The owner of the property (Bobby Harrelson) spared no expense in refurbishing this house.

The old plantation house on the property (this is NOT where Ricky lives)

The commercial it!

Half-Bath downstairs....I LOVE the counter & sink

So anyways, this will be Hank's new home after this week. We'll miss him because he is the sweetest dog but he is in great hands with Ricky. I loved playing with all the dogs there (you know I was in heaven) and I started playing with the focus on my camera. These were my two favorite pictures. Its the same shot, but two different focal points. One time on the dog...the othe on the fence with the dog in the background.

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