Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting used to less

As in...DOING less.  It is hard.  I was home this weekend while my team was in Maryland for a big meet.  I got text updates throughout every session (5) and could almost picture the exact routine that brought a certain score.  Some scores baffled me, but after talking to either of the coaches there or the kids, I was quickly informed of start values, reasons for such start value, etc.  It was ALMOST like being there.....but not really.  Not at all.  I guess it was good for me because as nervous as I got while being home, I know how anxious I would have been if I'd been there.  I don't get nervous because I think they will hurt themselves or do poorly.....I get nervous because most of our kids work so hard and they get one chance in a meet.  I just want them to succeed so badly that I pace, bite my fingers, have sweaty palms and in general get into my own special meet mode when I'm coaching at a meet.  My blood pressure and stress level during that probably would not be good for this baby I'm cooking.  Funny thing is, I don't think I show my nervousness at meets as parents have mentioned how nervous Louie has looked before but never me!  But I promise you, I get antsy.  Maybe it's because I know EXACTLY how those girls feel.  Anyways......the kids did pretty well this weekend.  It's the beginning of the season and we have a lot of big meets coming up to prepare for.  This weekend will be a good stepping stone for some of our kids and a good learning experience for others.  Some of the high points from the competition:

*April (L9) - All around champion and event finalist of floor
*Gilly (L10) - 2nd Place All Around, 1st on Vault & Beam.  Qualified to Event finals on Vault, Bars & Event finals, played it safe on beam and WON!
*Courtney (L10)- 2nd place on vault.  Qualified to event finals on Bars but was unable to stay in Maryland an extra day to compete.
*Olivia W (L10) - 4th place on beam....for those that might know Olivia and our relationship on beam....this is a major accomplishment....she hit her routine with her layout and scored a 9.0!
*Maya (L7) - All Around Champion
*Ashlyn (L7) - All Around Champion
*Cassey (L7) - All Around Champion
*Eleni (L8) - 2nd place All Around
*Devin (L8) - 3rd place All Around
*Shamonica (L8) - 1st Place Bars

So, as you can see, there were some high points at the meet.  I hate I wasn't there but have confidence in these kids' preparation.  It won't be the last meet I miss so I might as well get used to it!  Great Job Flippers!

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