Monday, January 30, 2012

Life as we know it....

Life as we know it is 4 days from being TOTALLY different.  I can honestly say that I'm ready and am glad I'm going a little early. The doctor was hoping and praying to get me to 38 weeks and the plan is to have a scheduled c-section this Friday (2/3/12) which puts me at 38w 4d.  Yay!  I've had weekly or less-than-weekly appointments to keep a check on my placenta previa (the reason I'm having a c-section for those that don't know).  It has and continues to be totally asymptomatic and I've felt or experienced nothing out of the ordinary with the condition.  The dang placenta just never moved and is in the way!  Doc wouldn't let me travel after the first full weekend in January so we've been filling our weeks with work, hanging around the house and getting last minute things done.  I'm not very anxious/nervous right now but I imagine that Thursday night will be a restless sleep.  I'm ready to meet the little guy that has taken up so much room in my mid-section lately.  Everything looked good in the last u/s.....big head, good heart rate, measuring around 7lb 11oz and very active.  I've put on 20 lbs exactly and its mostly all belly/baby.  I think my butt got a little bigger but David is smart enough not to mention that if he also thinks that is the case.

38 weeks.....Jackson is as excited as we are to see what's in there!

 This weekend, we ate dinner with Steve & Julia Friday night and came back to the house to relax....I worked all week and was a little worn out.  I also worked Saturday morning and knew that I would be super tired if we did anything more than chill Friday night.  Saturday night we met up with Kelly/Whitney, Jay/Suzanne and eventually Jenna/Cleve for a "last Saturday night" blowout before baby.  I wondered what a 9-month pregnant lady did on her last Saturday night.....we had a great dinner at Carrabas and went to Buffalo Wild Wings so David & Whit could watch the NC State basketball game.  BW's was fun....everyone had a good time and the waitress would giggle at me every time she'd bring another round and my stout water with lemon joined the frosty glasses on her tray.  We stayed out until midnight and left the other folks there.  It was a ton of fun and a great way to spend our Saturday night.  I'm really thankful for our little group of friends around here and can't wait for our little nugget to get to know them.  Sunday we chilled around the house....I had some major cleaning I wanted to do and David had to winterize the jet ski so we got all of that done.  Of course, David and his dad went out to the farm to take care of my jet ski and forgot the key so I loaded up the dogs and took them out for some farm-fun. They wear out as quickly as I do and we came home about an hour later for some PB&J sandwiches for lunch.  I put together a casserole for dinner, worked on gym stuff most of the afternoon, cleaned the floors and picked up before Bekah & Shane came over to share our casserole for dinner.  I love cooking new recipes that I find but I am not one that can eat the same leftovers for 3 or 4 days so it is always nice to have people to share with.  Of course, this time next week, I might relish in the idea of having the same meal 3-4 nights in a row just because I didn't have to work to get it.  :)  Anyways, it was a great weekend and I am looking forward to a good week leading up to the delivery.

BW's "late night"

Sweet Maddie having the time of her life....

My precious babies....their lives' might be a little different but you know I'm still gonna love these hounds. 

I can't get enough of that face....he is such a momma's boy.  


Emily G. said...

ahhhhhh! 4 days!!!! so excited for you guys and praying all goes well.

can't wait to hear the name btw! :)

Skylar Apple said...

Oh my goodness! That seemed to go by so fast! So excited for you, Becca. :) Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy.

And you are so tiny! You look fabulous.


ahh I know you are excited:) I ended up having a c-section too you will do just fine:) Congrats again and can't wait to see some pics of cute baby boy!