Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CoCo & Co

So as I've mentioned before, the gal who helped me with did my nursery, Bekah Bishop Wallace, owns her own little shop in Calabash, NC......CoCo & Company Boutique.   It is an incredibly cute, stylish place with one of a kind items. She is incorporating some new items as well since her return from the Atlanta market and has a great outlook for 2012. More importantly, she is jumping on the blogging train and her new blog is live......


Her announcement of her new blog on facebook was accompanied with the above video which reminded me of another video that I've always adored:



Emily G. said...

oh dear
just spit out my water looking at that 2nd video!!!!!!!

"he was injured....injured bad."


LEW said...

LOVE THAT KID. when I get in a bad mood at work I watch that video... it keeps me from injuring someone.