Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 1 - Little River to Indianapolis, IN

The first day was relatively uneventful....and for that, i'm thankful. We left around 8am on Wednesday, July 9 and ended up driving through Whiteville & Southern Pines (both of our hometowns) and resisted any urges to stop and see family and dogs. When we got up towards Mt. Airy, I felt like we were really getting somewhere although it had only been about 4 hours. We got caught in a terrible storm in Charleston, WV and slowed to a crawl but got out of that towards Huntington, WV (Talley!!) I've decided that Virginia and Kentucky are incredibly beatiful states and I would love to explore them more. It was painful for David to drive past the "Bourbon Trail" in Kentucky and not be allowed to stop......So, here we are in Indy, checking out of the hotel and getting back on the road for more fun.


Talley Sergent said...

Becca -
You have to let us mountain people know when you are passin through! Be safe, and if you are driving back this way, give me a call.

Biily said...

Becca is dave making you drive the whole way?