Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 19 – Sunday, July 27, 2008

Today we have done nothing but drive…we’ve crossed 5 states so far and have pictures of 4 of their signs! I took a nap this morning and David had trouble taking a picture of Arkansas. So, since there isn’t anything great to talk about today, I’ll sum up the concert last night.

It started at 4:00pm and lasted until midnight. We got over there around 6pm and watched 3 opening bands before Cross Canadian Ragweed came on. They were Will Ridge, Back Porch Mary & Chris Knight.

Will Ridge

Stand-up bass player for Back Porch Mary

Lead singer and Lead Guitar Back Porch Mary

Chris Knight

All of them were fun bands to see live and I’m curious to get on ITunes and check out their records. The set up was at a new casino in a town that really doesn’t have a lot there. They have a nice stage set up out in a field off of the casino (cattle farm across the street). Parking was easy, getting in and out of the show, and getting food and drinks was never a hindrance. Even the hired security were on horseback or ATV.

Anyways, as the sun was setting a storm was nearby and sent us winds that I swear could’ve registered as a tropical storm force wind. The speakers and lights on the stage were swinging all over the place and they actually had to postpone Chris Knight’s set until the front blew by. The weather held out great after that until Ragweed was finishing up….wind picked up again and the rain came with it this time. Ragweed played a great show and besides the obnoxious drunks that frequent shows, we completely enjoyed ourselves. It was a great place to people watch and lucky for the guys there, plenty of girls who didn’t mind exposing themselves for a shout out from stage. Cody Canada, I’ve realized, IS Cross Canadian Ragweed. He alone, made the show worth it. He plays lead, is lead singer and does the entire crowd work. He’s awesome and may be my new crush.

Cody Canada

I might not post for a couple of days until we get back and somewhat settled. This will be my last post from the road and I hope someone reading this has enjoyed it as much as I have. I will send pictures out once I get them loaded and I’ve promised the Wisconsin boys a cd of pictures in exchange for some good Wisconsin cheese. Until then…Happy Trails!

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