Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 19 - Kalispell and Whitefish, MT

Today is Saturday, July 19 and this morning we all woke up and drove up to Whitefish for breakfast at Buffalo Cafe. Afterwards, we walked around downtown Whitefish for a couple of hours and shopped.

We finished off the morning with a Highlander beer from The Great Northern Brewery Company. This beer was a popular Scottish beer brewed for the local Scottish miners. It lost its popularity (probably because it tastes like tree bark) and hasn't been poured since 1968. Today, The Great Northern Brewing Company poured it for the first time since 1968. We also got the pub glasses as souveniers.....Thanks Dogg!

We trucked it on back to Kalispell so the Wisconsin boys could pack up and get ready for their flight. Andy & BJ took them to the airport and they were heading to the gym. David and I decided to go for a 30 minute helicopter ride over-looking Glacier National Park. We rode with another girl named Rebecca, a mom and her 2 year old and our pilot, Jeremy. Jeremy was awesome and pointed out all the mountains, peaks, lookouts, river, lakes, etc.

We saw things that we weren't even close to hiking over so it was cool. The sight from above is so different from the hike we did. We saw snow on a glacier that broke loose (mini avalanche) this morning and it looked rather cool.

The 30 minute ride went by very quickly and if we would have done the hour-long ride, we could have seen the Canadian border. Oh well! After that, we came on back to the house, hung out for a while and David and I went to Moose's Saloon for pizza and a little bit of culture. Pizza and atmosphere was awesome.

Upon returning to the house, we just hung out, blogged (shock) and got everything packed up. Tomorrow we are heading south to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming. We'll keep you posted......hopefully Casey, Randy, Dogg & Shawn made it back to Wisconsin safely tonight! Ciao-
PS- So we heard today that there was a tropical storm off our coast and although its not all that strong, if someone nearby (janice or edyie!!) could swing in and check on our house & condo to make sure all is well, that would be awesome! If we have any mail or packages just take them with you or to the gym and we'll get them when we get back! Thanks bunches!!

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