Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 14 – Jackson, WY to somewhere in Utah

David & I in front of one of the four elk antler arches in Town Square - Jackson, WY

This morning David and I slept in until a whopping 7:45am! We were so excited to get a morning to sleep in, yet we knew we had LOTS of driving to do and we needed to get going. I will admit here that I woke up prior to 7:45 and it was at 5:51am…..for the 3rd morning in a row. I’m not kidding……3 mornings in a row, I’ve woken up and looked at my watch and it read 5:51am. CRAZY! Anyways, we got our stuff packed up, checked out of our cabin and went into town. We had a bagel and coffee from Pearl Street Bagels (or something like that). It was so good and they don’t toast your bagel for you. They say theirs are fresh enough that you don’t need it toasted. I can see how toasting would mask the freshness of a bagel, but I’d never heard of a place that just didn’t do it. They did not disappoint however, because their bagels and spreads were amazing. After that, we shopped a little bit and picked up some Jackson, WY memorabilia before heading back to the hotel to get our car. We were set on buying some locally brewed beer to take home with us and for the life of us couldn’t find a place that sold it un-chilled. We ended up riding back up to Teton Village because we knew they had some that weren’t already in the fridge.

We ate lunch at The Mangy Moose, packed up our beer and got on the road… 3:00pm. So much for an early start. BUT, we so enjoyed Jackson and look forward to going back there. Both of us agreed that of all the places we’ve seen/driven through, that is the one place we would actually want to live. Kalispell is a close second because it also has lots of things to do and two very good friends, but Jackson was such a cute town! Wyoming in itself was a cool state to travel through….very pleasing to the eye and lots of national parks and forests. There was a lot of road construction on the route we were taking, but it was still cool. We went through Idaho for a short time before entering Utah.

We are going to stay somewhere south of Salt Lake City…depends on how much David wants to drive tonight! J I did all the driving from Jackson to Salt Lake, so don’t feel too bad for him. OH YEAH, and Cracker Barrel in Salt Lake (I know we’re lame, but it was getting late and we were starving) served REAL SWEET TEA. I was so excited. Anyways, we plan on getting to the Grand Canyon tomorrow and although the one place that was recommended to us is booked (Havasupai….Jordan!) for the month of July, we will still have a great time and see some spectacular scenery. We might do an activity, but really aren’t sure what’s going to be available. That’s all from the road for now……..

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